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YTD Standings
Current YTD Standings: Members need to earn 10 total MQHA points and show and place to 6 total judges to be eligible for year end awards. If you have NOT shown/placed in 6 classes, you will need to do so by year end to qualify. If you have a * by your name and are listed with 6-7 total shows, you have shown in enough MQHA classes to qualify for year end qualifying criteria based on a class by class basis. Please see the MQHA Point Chart MQHA Point Chart to see how to calculate points for year end awards. Also, check out our By-Laws for more information. (located on the forms page)

If you have any question or corrections for this report, please email: MontanaQH@gmail.com

Showing in Montana
The Montana Quarter Horse Association offers an opportunity to show your American Quarter Horse in a variety of events and skill levels. From Open competition to Amateur, Youth, Novice and Rookie. There is something for everyone! Plus your drives to these shows take you through some of the most scenic country landscapes in the country!

Come show in Montana in the summertime and you will also be close to two of the Nations most famous National Parks Glacier and Yellowstone. Plus there are great State Parks and historical attractions along the way!

MQHA Back Number Policy
To be eligible for MQHA year end show awards, both the owner and the rider/handler must be MQHA members. Points do not count until the membership is paid and all registration and AQHA cards are submitted.
Owner must also purchase an MQHA horse show number, which is to be used at all MQHA approved shows. You may purchase an annual number or a life number.
  • Yearly numbers are $5.00 and must be re-purchased each year.
  • Lifetime numbers are $50.00
  • Including $5.00 for shipping and handling, if you purchase numbers by mail or they may be purchased at most of the early season shows.
  • A copy of the horses registration papers must be sent to the secretary along with a check for the number(s) before points will count.

A number application form is available on the forms page.
Numbers will be available for pick-up at the first MQHA show, if they are not sent through the mail. They will be available at subsequent shows in the horse show office. For the numbers be sent to you, please include the above mentioned $5.00 shipping/handling fee.
Show Application Forms are available by clicking: Show Application Forms. All other membership applications are available on forms page.

State qualifying rules for the EMO Western States Championship
Las Vegas, South Point Equestrian Center July 5-10 2016

Stated below are the qualifications for an exhibitor to attend the show as a Montana State Quarter Horse qualifier;

  1. Must be a member of MQHA for 2015 and also at the time of the Western States Championship Show in July 2016.
  2. The owner of the horse must be a member in good standings for 2015 and also at the time of the Western States Championship Show in July 2016.
  3. An exhibitor must show in front of a minimum of 3 judges during the qualification period at approved MQHA shows in the respective class they want to show in.
  4. Exhibitors must place in the top 10 of the specific class, they want to show in at Western Championships, at an MQHA approved show.
  5. There will be no limits to the number of qualifiers attending from MQHA.
  6. All decisions by MQHA are final.